All About Ants (for kids)

All About Ants  - Ant, after listening to these words, a picture becomes like a bit in the mind that the little creature that is often seen pressing us in the mouth and moving away from here. In the time of the rain, the ants are seen very much. Many people believe that if ants are going to take their food from one place to another, there is hope for strong rain.

Our eyes often fall on the ants, but there are so many fun things about them that we do not know. So let's tell some funny things about the creature from that facts : -

Ant Facts for kids ants

  •  There are about 12,000 species of ants around the world

  • An ant can weigh 20 times more than its weight

  • . Ants have a queen ant, with millions of children

  • . Ants do not have ears, they feel by shaking the ground

  • If there is a fight in the ants, then it continues till death.

  • . Ants always run in one line because that is why all the ants leave a fluid, the back ant moves behind it.

  • There are no lungs of the ants, they have very fine holes in the body from which oxygen goes inside and comes out.

  •  The average age of the ants is 28 years, the queen ant survives for 30 years or more.

  • When an ant dies then a chemical emerges from its body, from which the other ants know that the ant is dead.

  •  If the same chemical is put on another alive ant, the ants also begin to understand it dead.

  •  Humans and ant are the only species that collect food

  •  The structure and weight of an ant's body is such that if it is thrown off the plane, it will not hurt

  •  Ants never sleep

  •  Even inside ants water can live for 24 hours

  • . Ants have two stomachs in one, they keep food for themselves, in another

  •  You will not believe knowing that the weight of total ants on Earth is equal to the weight of total humans

  •  There were ants in the times of dinosaurs

  •  Most ants are black and red, but in some places green ants are also found.


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