Buffalo Facts for Kids

Enjoy in this post Buffalo facts for kids. Learn about buffaloes behavior, how fast they can run, where they mostly founds. So check the wide range of facts about buffalo, 10 Lines on Buffalo Facts

Buffalo facts

Fun Facts about Buffalo for kids

  • Buffalo is a cactus animal.

  • In rural areas buffalo buffaloes are used.

  • It is a vegan animal that only eat grass and green leaves

  • The buffalo's color is black and it has small hair on its whole body.

  • The whole body of buffalo has thick skin which helps in keeping it in the cold.

  • The buffalo tail is 3 feet long, it uses it to remove the worms and worms on your body and keep the body clean.

  • A hump like a camel near the buffalo neck

  • Buffalo's milk is very helpful, in which many nutrients are found.

  • Buffaloes give birth to a calf.

  • For the first six months, the calf drinks the milk of the mother.

  • Average lifespan of buffalo is 20 years.

  • They can run 55 kilometer per hour.

  • Buffalo group is called herd.

  • Mostly buffaloes are found in the Asia and Africa.


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