Camel facts for kids

Camel facts for kids  - The camel is also called the ship of desert. Found on hot spaces like desert, this creature appears to be very interesting due to its "hump". Let's learn funny information related to camel
Horses are not born from the birth of camels but it comes automatically when it grows. Children of camels are living with their mother for many years in the beginning. Camels are very quiet animals, they are never too aggressive

camel facts

In the camel's hump, thick fat is accumulated in the whole body, and due to this hump camel is able to live comfortably even in a deserted desert. Asian camels have two humps while Arab camels have only one hump

There are three layers of eyelids in the eyes of the camel so that it can save the eyes from dust and sand. The ears of camels are full of small and hair, although the power of listening to camels is very strong. Camels do not drink water daily, but when they drink, drink 100 to 150 liters of water at a time

Camels can also eat spiny twigs while others do not eat barbed stems or branches. If the owner scolds the camel then the camel starts spitting on the ground.

Interesting Facts about Camel for Kids

1. The camel is an animal that is recognized by its hump. Camel in desert areas - can live without water for several days.

2. Two species of camel are found. First species are found in a hump bala camel yo and another species of which two humps are found in eastern Asia.

3. The camel is a major means of carrying burden in desert areas. But nowadays, when there is a means of traffic, less labor is taken from the camels.

4. The average age of the camel is between 40 and 50 years.

5. The height of a camel's hump is approximately 7 feet high.

6. A camel in the desert can speed up 65 kilometers per hour.

7. The camel can stay in the water for 2 months without water.

8. The camel does not drink water everyday. The camel can drink water from 100 to 150 liters at a time. The main diet of the camel is green leaves of trees.

9. The camel never sweats because its thick skin reflects the sun's rays.

10. The camels play an ego role in Arabian culture, there are more than 160 words for camel in the Arabian language.


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