Chanakya Quotes (Thoughts)

Chanakya Quotes (Thoughts) - Chanakya was such a great man who, with his capabilities and scholarship, changed the history of Indian history. Chanakya has been a successful supernatural personality in Indian history. Chanakya was born about 350 B C years ago. Let us know about the great ideas of Chanakya -


Precious words of Chanakya

Human beings come alone in this world and die alone. The person enjoys the fruits of his own body and soul, and he alone becomes a partner of heaven.

Soul is your temple and your senses are your God, so do not try to find God in idols.

If the snake is not poisonous, then he should try to prove himself poisonous.

Knowledge is the best friend, wisdom gives respect to the person. Knowledge gives beauty and puberty.

• As soon as the fear starts coming to you, it should be attacked and driven away.

• Humans should give their wealth to someone worthless, but none should be given to them. The water of the sea taken by the clouds, quenches the thirst of earth.

• Those whose education is limited to books and they can not afford them, they can not use them in difficult situations.

• Books are so festive for a carefree person, as much as a mirror proves to be beneficial for a blind person.

• No human becomes great from birth but becomes great by great deeds.

• Just as the fire in the dry tree burns the entire forest, similarly the wrong person ruins the entire family.

• Must stay away from mean friends because such friendships can never give you happiness.

• Do not share your secret with others, keep them confined to you. The secrets told to others are the reason for your ruin.

• The fragrance of a flower spreads toward the wind direction, but the goodness of a human being spreads towards every direction.

• The beauty of the world's greatest youth and the beauty of a woman.

• Humans should think about the time to forget the past and the time a prudent man lives in today's time.

• It is a bitter truth of life that selfishness is also hidden in a good friendship, there can not be any friendships in which selfishness is not hidden.

• The human being wants to get God, they need the sanctity of mind and a kind heart.

• In scorpion stings, snakes are in the mouth and in the mouth there is poison in the mouth, but a wicked person is full of poison.

• It is better to die than to live in a state of shame and death only gives a moment's suffering, but humiliation hurts everyday in life.

• Do not be frightened by his failure while doing any work; Do not think about leaving a job that is continuously engaged in your work honestly.

• Check the service provider as soon as he is in work, relative and friend in difficult situations, and in a difficult situation with his wife.

• There is no happiness like satisfaction, there is no disease like greed and no mercy like mercy.

• Man's good nature is his greatest quality and fame gives man a different identity in the world.

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