Cuckoo Bird Facts

Cuckoo Bird Information

Cuckoo is a bird which is known for its pleasant voice. It removes the sweet voice of the cuckoo. Because of that it is also called sweet-spoken bird. This is a black colored bird.

Cuckoo bird

Female cuckoo does not own its eggs, but it puts the eggs in the crows' clutches, which the female crow considers to be its eggs. This is a bird found in entire India. It mostly likes to be on tall trees. Most species  are found in Asia and Africa.

This is the state bird of Jharkhand state of India. Over 100 species cuckoot are found throughout the world. The main food of this bird is insects, spiders and spider etc.

1. Cuckoo is counted among the birds being sung.

2. This Bird sound is sweet to all the birds

3. Male cuckoo bird is more black whereas the color of female cuckoo is a bit brown. does not own its eggs, but it keeps its eggs in crows' nests and the female eats crow eggs.

5. Female gives 10 to 18 eggs during breeding.


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