Domestic Animal Facts for Kids

  • Domestic Animal Facts - Humans have been keeping animals since ancient times, the animals they keep are called pets.

Domestic Animals

  • Cow, buffalo, goat horse, camel and dog etc. in pets

  • We get milk from cow, buffalo, camel and goat. This milk gives ghee, butter, lost, paneer.

  • Horse, camel, mule and donkey etc. are also observed which are used to draw weight. For the horse ride, the same camels are useful in the areas of desert and the goods are fitted on the ass and the mule.

  • The second sheep is also a pet, which is cultivated to obtain valuable ones, which are made from uni fabrics which are worn in most winters.

  • Dogs in pets are also considered to be important, which most people keep for the maintenance of their home because the dog is considered to be a loyal animal. There are also some animals that people like to make for goats like goat


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