Elephant Facts for Kids (16 Fun Fact about Elephants)

16 Fun Facts about Elephants

Today we shares the fun facts about elephants for kids. In these facts elephants nature, weigh, foods etc including in this article.


  1. Elephants are the largest land mammals on the earth.

  1. Elephants love bananas.

  1. Elephants love to swim , bath .

  1. There are 2 types of elephants Asian and African.

  1. Elephants trunk their nose.

  1. Elephants sleep 3 ours in the day.

  1. They are lives in Asia and Africa Countries.

  1. Lifespan of Elephants 60-70 years.

  1. They spend 16 ours in the day for eating.

  1. Their weigh 13000 pounds.

  1. They Can eat up to 400 pounds.

  1. They Can't jump.

  1. Their skin is an inch thick.

  1. Elephants poor eyesight .

  1. But Their amazing sense of smelling.

  1. Mostly Elephants are in the color of grey.



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