Elephant Habitat (Elephants Habitats their food ,distribution)

Elephant Habitat and Food

Elephants are mostly likes bananas and sugarcane. Mostly they eats grass , leaves, roots etc.An adult Elephants can eats per day 400 pounds food.

elephant habitat

elephant habitat nature 

Most African Elephants are found in the Savannah zones and the Asian Elephants are found in the Country India, Sri Lanka,China etc.Elephant is a huge animal on the earth.It lives in the forests it also a pet animal. It has a large body whose feet is like a four pillar and the two ears like big wings, small tail , small two eyes and log span life .

A Elephant has a two tall white teeth which are called tusk.It can eat soft grass, plants and wheat etc.It is a very useful animal for human and can be a good friend for humanity.Its lifespan is very long they can live 90 years.

African elephants are slightly larger and dark gray in size than Asian elephants in size. It has two major ears, which look like a fan in shape. Elephants are commonly found in India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Siam. Usually, they prefer to live in the bulb and are very fond of water. They know the swim well. Due to being a vegetarian animal, they depend on trees and plants in the forest to meet their food needs. Due to deforestation due to lack of food in forests, they tend to villages or residential areas. It is known as an intelligent animal and offers great benefits to humans.

Elephant Facts for Kids


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