Essay on Mahatma Buddha

Essay on Mahatma Buddha  - The name of the childhood of 'Mahatma Buddha' was Siddhartha. They are also known as Gautam Buddha. He was born about two and a half thousand years ago in the house of King Shrodnan of Kapilavastu. His mother's name was Mahamaya.

Siddhartha had compassion and serious nature since childhood. Even when grown, their tendency has not changed. Then the father married him with a beautiful girl named Yashodhara. Yashodhara gave birth to a son named Rahul.

Siddhartha does not mind in the house. Then, in a night when all the people were asleep in the palace, Siddhartha secretly got up and left the wife and children to sleep in the forest. He started harsh penance in the forest. Finally he reached a place called Bihar's Gaya and sat down meditating under a tree. One day he received the knowledge. They became 'Buddha' from Siddhartha. The tree is known as 'Bodhi Rishta'.

After acquiring knowledge, Buddha reached Sarnath. In Sarnath, he gave his first preaching to the disciples. This sequence of exhortation continued for a lifetime. Once he went to Kapilvastu, where his wife Yashodhara gave him son Rahul as a beggar. Gautam Buddha Nirvana was attained at the age of eighty.

The teachings of Mahatma Buddha were straightforward. His teachings had a profound effect on the people. Many kings and common citizens became followers of Buddha Their followers are called Buddhists. Buddhism received shelter of great kings like Ashoka, Kanishka and Harsh. The teachings of Lord Buddha are very relevant even today.

To remember Mahatma Buddha and to give him full respect, 'Buddha Purnima' is celebrated with great joy and fervor. Buddha Purnima is the biggest festival of followers of Buddhism. It is also known as 'Buddha Jayanti'. The birth of Lord Buddha, the realization of knowledge and Mahaparinirvana were all on the same day ie Vaishakha Purnima.

Followers of Buddhism celebrate Buddha Purnima with great devotion all over the world. Several types of celebrations are organized on this day. On the day of Buddha Purnima, the lamp is lit in Buddhist homes and the houses are decorated with flowers. Buddhist texts are continuously recited. On the day of Buddha Purnima many works of charity and religion are performed. On this day, dessert, sattu, water donation, donation of clothes and sacrificing of ancestors are very virtuous.


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