few lines on Monkey for kids (10 sentences about Monkeys)

Monkey Few Lines for Kids

  • few lines on Monkey

  • Monkey is a naughty and very intelligent animal.

  • These are very special in the art of imitating.

  • In it, emotions like humans are found. A normal monkey has won about 15 to 35 years. It is a family organism that lives in a herd.

  • There is also a leader of the herd. It is found in different shapes and colors. Monkey is a four-way animal.

  • It uses its next paw as a hand because it is for hands to eat, play and take care of its children.

  • The monkey's diet includes walnuts, berries and fruits, and has a favorite fruit. It lives in the jungle and likes to keep it from tree to tree.

  • Monkey is also considered to be the closest relative of man. It is believed that the first human was seen to be the same.

  • It is very special in the art of emulating, so they can be easily trained. Madari on the road also entertains everyone by training them in the same way.


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