Few lines on Parrot , 10 Sentences about Parrots

10 Sentences about Parrots

  • Few lines on Parrot  - Parrots are a very beautiful bird.

  • These are usually found in every country of the world.

  • Their green feathers are very beautiful.

  • They have a red beacon which is rotated and very sharp and strong.

  • They make their nests in the quotes of these huge trees. As the aging progresses, the male parrots have a colorful thorn in the throats of their necks, which increases their beauty even further.
    The parrot is a vegetarian bird.

  • They prefer to eat cereals, fruits, leaves and seeds.

  • Fruits such as mango and guava are especially dear to them. But the domestic parrots say all those things with great interest, whatever we give them.

  • Parrots fly very fast Usually they fly in the herd.

  • It is very pleasant to see them flying in the herd.

  • Their eating habits are also unique. They catch any thing easily with their claws and then they bite it with a beak and say it with great pleasure.
    Their ability to speak is amazing.

  • They specialize in copying. These words that they hear often are easily seen.

  • They take the copy of human speech very easily because of which people prefer to abide by it abundantly.

  • People in India usually teach words like Ram-Ram, Sitaram, Matthu and Hare-green. They can easily be domesticated. They entertain everyone with their antics.
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Ashi Singh
28 September 2018 at 08:15 ×

Very nice lines

Akanksha Dutta
21 October 2018 at 23:52 ×

Very nice but I think it should be made more simpler with less words.

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