Few lines on Peacock , 10 Sentences about Peacocks

10 Sentences about Peacock


  • Peacock is the national bird of India. They are also called peacocks.

  • Peacocks are very attractive in appearance.

  • These are found almost everywhere in India.

  • Peacocks are bright green-blue colors. Their neck is blue and very long.

  • Its wings are long and colorful, with spots like green, blue, yellow and golden colors. Their legs are very long There is a fury on their heads, which is why they are also called the King of birds.

  • They are about 10 to 25 years old.

  • Their wings are very large, so that their length is more than 1 meter.

  • Peacock likes clouds too much It dances in the rainy season.

  • When the peacock spreads on it for dance, it looks like a colorful fan. On the other hand the peacock is not so attractive.

  • It is smaller than peacock in shape. . Its feet are ugly Peacock is dependent on food and insects for its food.

  • Peacock eat cereals that are found in farms and gardens.

  • They are friends of farmers and enemies of insects. Peacocks also hunt for snakes.
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