Few lines on Peacock , 10 Sentences about Peacocks

Few Sentences about Peacock 

  • Peacock is the national bird of India. 
  • They are also called peacocks
  • Peacocks are very attractive in appearance.
  • These are found almost everywhere in India.
  • Peacocks are bright green-blue colors. Their neck is blue and very long.
  • Its wings are long and colorful, with spots like green, blue, yellow and golden colors. 
  • Their legs are very long .
  • There is a fury on their heads, which is why they are also called the King of birds.
  • They are about 10 to 25 years old.
  • Their wings are very large, so that their length is more than 1 meter.
  • Peacock likes clouds too much It dances in the rainy season.
  • When the peacock spreads on it for dance, it looks like a colorful fan. On the other hand the peacock is not so attractive.
  • It is smaller than peacock in shape. . Its feet are ugly Peacock is dependent on food and insects for its food.
  • Peacock eat cereals that are found in farms and gardens.
  • They are friends of farmers and enemies of insects. Peacocks also hunt for snakes.
10 Lines on Peacock

10 Lines on Peacock in English - 1

1. Peacock is a charming bird. Everybody adores this lovely bird. 

2. This excellent bird is exceptionally modest in nature and shy. 

3. Peacock is the public bird of India 

4. Peacock is considered as the "Ruler of Birds". 

5. Their vivid plumage is exceptionally appealing. 

6. The Indian green peacock has a wide peak on its head. 

7. Their normal age is around 20 to 25 years. 

8. They are exceptionally wary in nature, making noisy commotions when they are at serious risk. 

9. Its dazzling excellence lies in its blue and green tones and marvelous plumage. 

10. They are companions of ranchers and foes of snakes and little bugs. 

10 Lines on Peacock in English -2

1. Peacock is the public bird of India. 

2. They are tracked down all over India. 

3. Peacocks dance during the stormy season. 

4. Peacock Dance is mainstream. 

5. It's anything but a huge bird and has alluring long wings. 

6. "Peacock" is manly and the ladylike is classified "Peahen". 

7. The legs of the peacock are long and terrible. 

8. Its wings have blue spots. 

9. It has excellent blue velvet tone on its long neck. 

10. Its quills are utilized in numerous strict spots. 

10 Lines on Peacock in English - 3

1. Peacock has for quite some time been a piece of Indian culture and society. 

2. Peacock is separated into 3 sorts of Indian, Green and Congo. 

3. The Indian Peacock is the most well-known kind of peacock found in numerous zoos. 

4. They are one of the biggest flying birds. 

5. Females lay 3-5 eggs. Following 28 days, the youthful bird emerges from the egg. 

6. Male peacock draws in female peacock by showing its wonderful plumes. 

7. Peacocks have numerous regular hunters, including canines, felines, raccoons, tigers and mongooses. 

8. The running velocity of a peacock is around 16 km/h. 

9. The tail plumes of a peacock can arrive at a length of six feet. 

10. They produce sound with the assistance of their tail. A peacock can make 11 unique sounds. 

10 Lines on Peacock in English -4

1. Peacock is a major bird, whose quills are lovely. 

2. These wings are extremely long and have spots like markings on them. 

3. They are for the most part found in fields and gardens where there is warm temperature. 

4. They are omnivores, that is, they feed on both vegetation and little creatures. 

5. Individuals use peacock feathers for enrichment purposes. 

Few Points on Peacock in English - 5

1. Peacock is our public bird and holds incredible significance for India. 

2. For the most part, peacocks are 195 to 225 cm long and the normal load of a peacock is around 5 kg. 

3. They have an incredibly long tail which is once in a while called a train. 

4. A peacock can fly for an exceptionally brief distance. 

5. Indian folklore has numerous short stories and legends about the peacock. 

5 Points on Peacock - 5

1. Peacock was pronounced the public bird of India in 1963. 

2. Peacocks are found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Africa. 

3. There are a few types of peacock which show up totally white in shading alongside their plumage. 

4. Around evening time, peacocks climb trees to shield themselves from assailants. 

5. Peacocks are extremely ready in nature, they begin alarming different individuals from their peacock family when they feel any sort of peril.

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