Moral story for kids

Moral story for kids  - Once there was a shopkeeper he was very sad, because his son was very lazy not responsible. He always used to have fun with friends. While the person wanted to make his son a hardworking man.
He used to scold his son a lot, but the son did not pay attention to his talk. One day he told his son that if you go out of the house today and bring your earnings by the evening, then you will not be able to eat this evening.

The boy got disturbed. He went to his mother crying and told them all the crying, Mother's heart went crazy and she gave her a gold coin that she should go and show Dad to her in the evening.

The boy did the same in the evening when the father asked what he had earned, he showed that gold coin. The father understood the whole thing. He asked the son to put the coin in the well, the boy threw happiness in the coin well.

The next day the father sent his maternal uncle to the mother and asked the boy to earn again. At the time, the boy went to the elder sister crying and the sister gave ten rupees. The boy again brought the money in the evening and showed it to the father. The father said that go and put it in the well, the boy again put it.

Now the father sent the sister to her in-laws. Now the boy asked to bring his earnings. Now the boy did not have any choice, he went to the crying market and there he asked Seth to carry some woods to his house and said that instead of giving two rupees.

The boy picked up the woods and walked with Seth, walking on the path, his feet started to blossom and his legs started to hurt.

When the father showed two rupees to the father in the evening, the father again said that the son put it in the well, the boy became angry and said that I have earned so much money and you are speaking to the well.

The father smiled saying that this was what I wanted to teach you. You threw the gold coin in the well but you are scared to throw two rupees because you have earned it from hard work.

At this time Father removed the key of the shop and gave it to the son's hand and said that you are really worth it today. Today, you have realized the hard work.

Friends, every parent loves their children very much but it is also very important to give social education to their children. Your child should know the value of your hard work, maybe you should be sad to see your child struggling but this struggle is very important for him.

Teach children also to take responsibilities with love. Children should realize that how much hard work my parents have for a single money, then only they will understand the cost of you and your money.


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