Paragraph on Pollution in English 450 words

Paragraph on Pollution in English  - Environmental pollution means destruction of nature, that is, the substance of which our entire environment is contaminated. Pollution results are disastrous, so if it is not stopped from time to time, then mankind may be in danger. That is why we know less about the subject.


The main reasons for environmental pollution are: air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution are important. Slowly the population is getting increasingly, due to which the man is continuously harvesting the forests for his living, due to which the problem of pollution is increasing.

The best way to keep our environment neat and clean is to keep the water and air clean, it will remain pure only when we will save them from the increasing pollution but today the human is going upside down, they are bent on ruining it. That is why we must take concrete steps to save the existence of our earth. From which we can stop growing pollution here

Earth's atmosphere is composed of a variety of compounds such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon and steam etc. and all are very important to maintain the existence of life on Earth, so keeping their balance is very important.

Today, in the modern era, due to the rising population, many types of things are needed and their demand is increasing day by day. To meet these needs, they are continuously harvesting the forests and at the same place the factories and The house is being built for its living, which is causing the air to become contaminated. First, cutting trees, the air becomes contaminated, and the smoke coming out from these factories, they are even more sour Makes.

Gradually, mankind is getting used to being dependent on vehicles, due to which there is an increase in the flow of traffic and the smoke coming out of these vehicles is contaminating our environment, along with noise pollution is also being generated. .

Environment pollution is affecting both humans and the earth. Today, human beings have become the enemy of the Earth in the longing for more money. Most of the factories are established in densely populated areas, which is why the smoke coming from these factories There is bad effect on people's health due to which there are TV, asthma and heart-related diseases.

Solution of Pollution :

• It is difficult to remove the factories which have been set up, but new factories need to be removed from the cities.

• Ban cutting of forests has to be imposed and people have to be aware to plant new tree plants.

• People must stop the garbage in the river and sea, and the water of sewerage should be cleaned and put into work.

• Plastic should be fully banned, though it has been banned in big cities, yet it has not been fully implemented.

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