Polar Bear facts for kids

Polar Bear Facts in this article , Strange facts about Polar Bears

  • Polar Bears are a wild animal, they love to eat fish. Bear is a huge body animal. They use their next toes as hands.Polar Bear

  • The bear also stands like a human on his back legs.

  • The bear's paws are very fast, they use them to do hunters.

  • There are two types of bears found in the world:

  • Grizzly and Polar . Grizzly Bear's color is brown. The color of the second polar bear is white, they are found in most polar regions.

  • Only polar bears are carnivores, whereas Grizzly bears are omnivorous. Ie means both meat and plants can eat.

  • The bears of the bears are like the command, which they can easily hunt.

  • The next toes of the bear's feet are larger than the feet of the feet. They prefer to be mostly alone.

  • The polar bear weighs 450 kg. Polar bears can swim in the water without a speed of 100 miles per hour. Bear in the forest for 25 to 30 years


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