Pollution Facts for Kids

Pollution Facts for Kids - The problem of pollution has become a serious disease of today, the way pollutants have increased for the last few years, it has put a question mark on the future of human life. All the countries around the world are facing this serious crisis related to daily pollution. The report raises our hair. 10 Lines on Pollution for kids

Fun Facts about Pollution for kids

  • Today the problem of pollution has become so disturbed that the air of the cities has become completely polluted and it has become difficult for humans to breathe.

  • The smoke of poisonous gases, which are continuously released from trains and factories, are polluting the air, which is increasing the problem of pollution.

  • Garbage from large factories is given in river and drains, which is why people also have to face water pollution.

  • Forests are continuously harvesting which are able to prevent pollution.

  • The temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly due to pollution. The ozone layer, which is called the Earth's protective armor, prevents the sun's fast rays from coming to the Earth, there are holes in it, due to which the sun's rays are reaching the earth. It is making cancer victims like cancer

  • The frozen ice on the mountains is constantly melting.


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