Save Earth essay in English

Save earth essay in English : We all know that the earth is the only planet to live on our universe, so the main purpose of human is to respect everything that exists on earth. Earth is our mother's honor that we should protect so that our future generations can be safe.

save earth

We can protect Mother Earth's protective tree-protection, and natural resources. We have to stop the continuous deforestation. We need to reduce the use of polluting fuels to reduce the problem of global warming. We must use solar energy and wind power to protect the earth from the crisis, we must plant more trees to reduce the effect of pure air, air pollution and global warming.

To spread awareness among people all over the world, every year on April 22, it is celebrated as Earth Day. This day is celebrated to encourage people to maintain the natural environment of the Earth.

Our earth has given us everything to live and it did not take anything from us in return, but forgot the goodness of human earth, it is spoiling its natural balance by feeding the earth, which threatens the existence of our Mother Mother Earth To maintain a healthy life on earth, we have to protect it, just as we keep our house neat and clean so we can clean it and pollution. The need to create.

There are so many species of animals that do not know without human beings on earth, we have to think about them, therefore, we have to remove selfishness from our mind and also think about all the species living on earth. That is why we must stop activities that increase pollution and global warming and reduce the amount of use of plastic, wood and fuel, as the responsibility of making the earth clean and polluting remains human.

Save Earth Essay in 300 Words for students and kids


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