Short Essay on Crow

Crow is a bird found everywhere in the world. The color of the crow is black. Crows are considered the most intelligent in birds flying in the sky. Crows are worshiped in the month of Shradh. If the crow begins to speak on the roof of the house, then a guest's message is considered. Kau Kaouu - influences everyone with the voice of Kaunu.

Short Essay on Crow

Both the male crow and the female crow raise their children together. Similarly when a female crow gives eggs, then the male crow takes care of it. In India, there are six species of quail. It is believed that the future events of the Crow are already known. Crows mostly prefer to live on flocks and trees. The beak of the wild crow is thick. Most of the kAUs are up to 20 years old.

In many places of India, now the crow has stopped showing. Its direct reason is the deteriorating environment. This is the main reason. In earlier times, crows used to take roti (Bread) from the children's plate in villages.


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