Television Essay in English

Short Note on Television 

Essay : Television has become an instrument of today's era, which teaches human beings along with entertainment as well as education. Doordarshan shows us far-off news from home sitting in the house. Television search great scientist James Logie Baird By this search it proved that we can see from any of the places, sports, artists and actresses and other events sitting by millions of miles away from home with their eyes.

Television Essay

In today's era, Doordarshan is run at home. It has become an inseparable part of people's lives. Doordarshan has greatly influenced human life. But everything also has the advantages and there are damages anywhere. I.e. development and destruction. Doordarshan's good programs have a good effect, which inspires us to encourage us to move forward in life.

Television is not just a medium of news but it has also become an invaluable means of entertainment. Television is playing an important role in the field of education today. From time to time, students can avail benefits from knowledgeable programs at home.

Here there are many benefits of Doordarshan; They are also harmed by the children and are continuously sitting in front of the TV, due to which the synergy of family members is decreasing. Children mostly cling to play except for the play jumping. People are shifting their lives according to the people looking at movies and the like. People often start committing crime watching programs related to crime. Persistent health problems arise due to the continuous sting of Doordarshan.

If there is no fault on Doordarshan here, it is an unbreakable part of our life. It depends on those who see it, that is, they adopt the good path, then go to the bad,


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