Thoughts on Ambition (Quotes)

  • Thoughts on Ambition : To get something in life, stay away from those people who try to crush your ambitions.

  • Ambition is the last resort of failure.

  • Never allow less experience in the way of ambition.

  • Ambitions are those dreams, which have a modern technology engine.

  • Great ambition is the desire of a good and noble character, those who have this can do very good or otherwise very bad.

  • I wanted to become a scary player in this. It was my ambition.

  • My ambition is that the people in a book want to say it in ten lines.

  • What is the probability of a person whose ambition is not enough to make him corrupt?

  • When the ambiguity is complete then the beginning of joy begins.

  • Man's ambitions do not end.

  • Importance is a seed that generates generosity and generosity.

  • My ambition is not just to reach there. So far someone has attained it, but rather go ahead.


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