True Friendship Quotes , Best Friend Thoughts

In Quote: 1. (Friendship Quote) I want to give more importance to that friend. He takes time for me on his calendar and does not believe in him as a friend. He does not see me till the calendar. Robert Brault


Quote: 2 real friends are those yo you understand and want to see you in the same form. Albert Hubbard

Quote: 3 A true friend is he is with you at that time when he should not be anywhere else. Len Wein

Quote: 4 The flower of a rose is a rubble and a friend is my world. Leo Buscaglia

Quote: 5 Yo is a friend of everyone, he is not a friend of anyone. Aristotle

Quote: 6 Bali is a soul in two bodies. Aristotle

Quotes: 7 A true friend never comes to your road until you are on the wrong path. Arnold

Quote: 8 Friends and courtesy are those things that you can not get from money. Margaret Walker

Quote: Always be slow to make 9 friends and change is even slower Benjamin Franklin

Quote: 10 A true friend stands in front of you in difficult situations and a mean friend tries to escape from you.

Quote: 11 Give thousands of opportunities to your enemy, they become your friends, but do not give your friend a chance to become your enemy.

Quote: 12 A true friend is someone that gives you the freedom to be as you are. Jim Morrison

Quote: 13 true friends do not knock behind the knife.

Quote: 14 God, who forgets to bind in a relationship with blood, improves his mistake by making them true friends.

Quote: 15 Making friends with friends is destroying them. Abraham Linkin

Quote: 16 friends are not created but they are born. Henry

Quote: 17 Always be honest with your work and your friend. Henry David

Quote: 18 friendship and money oil and water.

Quote: 19 A true friend will not excite you to do wrong things.

Quote: 20 The language of friendship does not make sense. Henry David


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