Water Pollution for kids

Water pollution for kids facts - Water is an important source of our life. That is why water is not life, neither water nor tomorrow, it is absolutely true. No living creature on earth can live up to the imagination of life.

It has been observed yesterday that water pollution is getting a lot of increase due to which many terrible diseases are causing the water in which the water becomes contaminated and life becomes in crisis. Apart from this, the Ganga was considered to be the most sacred river of India, it is believed that all the sins of a person bathing in the Ganges are washed away. The life-time Ganga today has been badly polluted due to the garbage produced by factories. But the Government of India has kept several campaigns for cleaning the Ganga.

Water Pollution

Let us know why water is polluted due to which: Water Pollution for kids

  • Water is polluted by bathing and feces in ponds.

  • By getting water from the city in the rivers and drains in the water.

  • Being deposited in one place of water

  • Factories by garbage-garbage directly in the water.

  • Throwing the growing pile of plastic in the ocean.

  • Many times, due to the accident, all the fuel of the ship goes into the ocean and many creatures die in its grip and die.

Solution :

  • Do not throw garbage trash and plastic etc. in the ocean and recycle them and generate energy from them.

  • Licenses for more polluting factories can be canceled.

  • From time to time, red pressed should be sprinkled in wells

  • The dirty water should be able to be used by the filter.

  • In places around the water, the garbage should not be allowed to spread.

  • Water pollution is becoming a serious issue which is affecting mankind in many ways.

  • We must all know about the effects, effects and remedies for this problem in order to make our life better.

  • While carrying this article further, we will just say that the water is life, and to save it from being wasted, we have to take steps together.

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