Essay on Kite

Paragraph on Kite for kids

Kite is a flying object which flows in the air with the help of thread. In every corner of India, children and young people are keen to kite flying. In ancient times, the art of kite flying was very different, the princes of that time used to play this game with great interest. At that time, competition for fighting kites was done.


In the spring most of the kites are blown. On this day, so many moths fly, all the skies are filled with colorful kites. Apart from this, people in India fly kites during Independence Day.

It is believed that the game of kite flying took place in China and the world's first kite was made by a Chinese. In India, kite flying has become so popular that many poets write poems on this simple item flying in the air.

Kite is considered to be a symbol of the desire to get elevated. It is believed to be blowing on the occasion of Sankranti confirming this fact.


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