Paragraph on Punctuality

Paragraph on Punctuality - Every work has its own time, but it depends on man's thinking and intelligence, when he wants to do that work, if he does it on a certain time, then he goes forward, at every step of his life. Success is achieved. While sleeping, reading at the time of reading and play while playing teaches how to use time.

The person who uses the time does not only benefit himself but also helps in the development of his family, society and the nation. In the student life, the importance of time also increases, the student who uses the time is always successful, and is also called a good citizen, and on the other hand, the student who fails in the things of time in vain causes the failure of the world. Behind the rear comes.

Time is continuously dynamic; it never stops and does not wait for anybody, so every moment of life is precious and we should use the time only, then we can go ahead in life, which does not value the time of the person, no work time head One day he has to repent.

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