short essay on banyan tree

Banyan is the important tree of India. This tree is considered as a very sacred tree. It is believed that the goddess-goddess dwells on the banyan tree, that's why it holds special importance in Hindu religion and people of this religion worship the banyan tree.

The long roots hanging from the tahini on this tree make it bigger and attracting. This tree cools in the summer season and in the same winter the heat remains under it.

The banyan tree is for thousands of years. Banyan tree is a very thick tree surrounded by mostly green leaves and stems. Banyan tree is a dense shade tree, this tree is about 20 to 30 meters tall. Its stem gets upwards and splits into several branches and the branches spread all over the tree. The stems of the tree and the leaves are smooth. And the trees of old trees and stems are rough.

Banyan tree is a very beneficial tree, its leaves, barks, twigs, milk and fruits are very useful, from which many types of medicinal preparations are prepared.

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