Short note on Ozone Layer

Short note on Ozone Layer (Paragraph) - The ozone layer is a layer that prevents sun's ultraviolet rays coming from the Earth. Ozone layer is found in some form of atmosphere in every form of the atmosphere, but ozone is found to be 15 to 35 km high above the surface. is.

Ozone is a kind of atmospheric gas, in which one molecule contains three atoms of oxygen, but due to increasing pollution the ozone layer is causing holes, causing an imbalance in the atmosphere, which causes the temperature of the Earth to continue rising.

On the 16th of September, ozone day is celebrated every year due to the danger of hovering over the ozone layer, whose main purpose is to make people aware of the threat posed on the ozone layer.

Due to its decay, there is a bad effect on humans, trees and animals, and due to its effect, the frozen ice melts on the mountains, if the ozone layer continues to suffer in the same way, then the existence of human beings will be in jeopardy.

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