Short paragraph on Holi 150 words

Short paragraph -Holi is a famous festival of India, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and glee in all over India. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated with the full moon of Phalgun Moss.


Several stories related to Holi are prevalent, in which according to one legend, Prahlad's Bhua Holika got a boon for not rotting in the fire, Prahalad, who took the Prahalad into the fire, survived and Holika burned with fire.

Holika combustion is done a day before Holi. On this day people burn dung, grass pallet fire at the open place outside the houses and standing around the fire, the rituals are sung and people express love for one another by embracing each other. Are there.

Holi is the day after Holika, on the day when people paint each other with love and celebrate happiness.

Few lines on Holi in English


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