Essay on Sunflower

Essay on Sunflower - There is a very beautiful and fascinating flower in looking at the sunflower and which is called Helianthus hence in scientific language. This is considered a symbol of trust and integrity. There are many varieties of this that are different from each other in their shape and color.


The feature of sunflower flowers is that it rotates around the sun, in which direction is sun, it turns its face in the same direction. The flower blooms only when the sun rises, and the sun goes down. These are in yellow, purple and white color. This flower blooms constantly in the sunlight.

Sunflower petals are in yellow and in the middle there are brown, its stem is quite straight, the leaves are rough. This  is a beautiful flower as well as a medicinal plant, its flowers, leaves, seeds and twigs are all used as medicinal. Sunflower oil is considered to be very beneficial, its oil is used for cooking, repairing wounds, making animal feed and making bio diesel, oil is rich in calcium and iron and minerals like Vitamin A and D. are found. It is also used to make color from its petals.

This flower is grown in large quantities of oil and seeds in the northern and southern continent of America, people of southern American Peru worship in the form of the sun goddess of this flower.

You can decorate the flowers of sunflowers in vases, their seeds are sown at the end of February, in the summer season, its flowers constantly bloom. These flowers are the fastest growing plants that grow on average between 8 to 12 feet in the last 6 months. Seeds are in black and striped colors, in one flower it can have up to 2000 seeds and their black seeds are prepared from oil.

The sunflower flower is the national flower of Ukraine and the State of Kansas is the state flower.


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