Short essay on Poverty

Short essay on Poverty -There will be no such country in the world which is completely free from poverty. The poor are said to be those who can not arrange their two-hour bread, then that man can not raise money for his food and stay.

The problem of poverty in India is increasing day by day. The main weight of poverty in India is the ever increasing population. Second, today's governments only promise but do not take any concrete steps against poverty.

The second increase in poverty is the rising inflation, the price of things is increasing steadily, which makes it difficult for poor people to arrange for two-time roti. Its next big moment is illiteracy.

Corruption is also responsible for the increase in poverty. The Government, which helps the poor send it, whether it is for education and then related to the work of the poor, it is grabbed before reaching the poor.

If concrete measures are not taken soon, then the day is not far when the whole country will be hit by it.

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