Article on Save the Planet Earth

The earth wants to say a lot to us, but we do not want to listen to it. A great reason behind this not to listen to this is the new lifestyle that is in our glow. It is impossible for us to return to our needs in such a way that it has increased so much. Our needs are increasing day by day. For the last 30-40 years, we started to feel that something is missing behind this show. That is why the issue of international debate started on this issue. Then, as the situation worsened, it also got accelerated and nearly 4 decades passed in these meetings. If at that time some concrete steps were taken to save the earth, then perhaps there would not have been such a bad situation today. But the situation of deterioration was so fast that it went on growing rapidly.

Now take a look at the wild forests of the earth, which has a huge reduction. Before the Industrial Revolution, there used to be forests in the 6 billion hectare area on the earth, which has now dwindled to 4 billion hectares. Life is not possible without pure air. According to a report of World Health Organization, 92 percent of the world's people are facing some sort of air pollution and 30 lakh people die every year. Likewise, almost all the rivers of the world are passing through some crisis. All the rivers are losing the amount of water and quality rapidly. More than 70 percent of the rivers in our country have reached the brink of death.

According to a report of the International Water Management, about 1.2 billion people are going through physical water crisis and about 1.6 billion people are from economic water crisis and this number is increasing. Even today around 80 million people are deprived of pure water. More than 25 lakh people die due to water pollution. Soil is bad too. In the last 150 years, 50 percent of surface soil has been reduced, which is approximately 75 billion tonnes.

Between these deteriorating circumstances, a sensitive American MP has tried to remind Earth by imagining Earth Earth wants to attract our attention towards its deteriorating situation. Under this major initiative, more than 170 countries of the world are playing the formalities of saving the Earth. But the situation is similar in the way. All the work of our development is bent on ruining the wind, soil, water, forest and sky. So one day the earth is to be barren. Because the direct injuries of these are meant to jeopardize their own lives.

Now environmental activists will be set up to stop all kinds of development work being done in the name of development. On the other hand, the government and its policy makers are not ready to accept it, and then the direction of the brace tends to survive on the development versus the earth. Safe earth and its environment also need to be built to make better life's roads. In fact, we shout with a big argument repeatedly that what should be the limit for our development? So do not think of policy and planners ahead of it. With the help of environmentalists to the extent that the environment friend accompanies the stewards, the measures of conservation should also be added together. Actually, the present circumstances of the debate have blocked many public interest decisions.

The second big question is that half the population of the world is still deprived of new light of development. We are already trying to appease the populist populist population with new inventions. While a large section still is far from the fundamental needs. Environmentalists should also pay attention to their rights. Earth is everyone and gives it all the right to live by equality. It is man created inequalities in which a handful of people are abusing others. If we want to see the next generation on this earth, then a line of development will have to be drawn, the future of humans living on it remains safe. For some time we are getting some indications of the behavior of the Earth.

There is excessive heat before time, floods in the winter, drought are all signs of the suffering of the earth, it is happening in the whole world, it is clear that the earth is the means of living, we have to save the luxuries of it so that if we need it We can use its resources.


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