Dog essay

Dog Essay for school students - It is said that human dog relationship is very old. The dog is called a swami. Always man keeps an animal or bird in his house. But most of the people prefer to abduct cattle in their homes. Dogs are mostly two to four feet high. Its tongue is quite long

Dog essay

It breathes out the tongue out of the mouth and breathes it out. It is said that hatred is caused by the birth of dogs and cats. Dogs are of several types. They have very hair on their body. It is of many colors like black, brown, white They also come in many ways. Some are small, some are thick, and some are thin. One particular thing about a dog is that it floats in water too. It loves your boss very much. They are loyal.

The dog is more loyal than the person says. It also proves helpful in catching thieves. The dog is a proletarian creature. He is fond of eating meat, fish, eggs, vegetables etc. Staying for dogs is a proper arrangement for walking etc.

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