10 lines on horse | short essay on horse | few sentences about horse

10 lines on horse

10 lines on horse

  1. The horse is a four-legged vegan animal.

  2. Horses have been human beings since ancient times.

  3. They are from 25 to 30 years of age.

  4. It is white, gray and black.

  5.  The horses usually live in the herd.

  6. They prefer to live in green grasslands. '

  7. It is common for horses to be pulled by horses in India.

  8. The horse is very loyal to its owner.

  9. The ability to sniff and hear them is also faster than us.

  10. It grows grass and also eats grain, but gram is their favorite diet.

Like a camel and elephant, a horse is also a quadruped animal. The muscles of a horse are very strong, so it is a powerful animal. The horse is considered to be an expert in running and is also used for riding. In the olden times, the horse was a special part of the army of the then King Maharajas. Horses were used in fighting, in addition, the king also rode on horseback to hunt in the forests. This animal has an important place in the culture of India.

Horses are brilliant animals. 

Horse legs are strong. 

It moves quick. 

It has a long tail. 

Horses have long hair on their neck called a mane. 

Get a child horse. is called 

The horses are kept stable. 

Horses have been utilized in fighting since antiquated occasions. 

Polo is a game that is played utilizing horses. 

At the point when horses run quick is called running. India Two sorts of horses Marwari and Kathiawar

Few Sentences about Horse - 2

  •  The horse is derived from the Latin word for where is the equus in scientific language.
  • The horse has four strong legs, with the help of which it can run fast for a long time.
  •  It has a long tail on which a bunch of hair is made.
  • The horse has a long neck and thick hair on it.
  • It has two round, large eyes and two ears.
  •  Horse is an animal found all over the world, it is found in different colors and breeds.
  • Like black horse, white horse. The Arabian horse is considered the most special and fastest running horse worldwide.
  • Most of the Arabian horses are reared in the Indian Army.
  • These horses are also given special type of training.
  • In the olden days, the army had most of the cavalry squad, these squads were used for fighting.
  • Horses used to play an important role in the battlefields.
  • The horses were ridden in chariots and carried to war.
  •  But today with time the technology of fighting the war has changed but in other areas, horses have important place.
  •  The horse is found in many colors. This animal is mostly brown, its body looks quite shiny and strong, its neck is long and there is a bunch of beautiful hair on top of the neck.
  • Famous Breeds of Horses Famous breeds of horses are found in India but Arabian horse Marwari and Kathiawadi horse are considered special breeds. Let's know about the famous breeds of horses and their specialties.
 5 sentences about horse - 3

Marwari Horses - These horses were used to fight de in the old times, so it is often said that the blood of royal family runs in the body of horses of these breeds.
Horses of this breed are found especially in the Marwar region of Rajasthan.
Because this is also their original place. Marwadi horses range in length from 135 to 140 cm and height from 150 to 160 cm.
Horses of which breed are mostly used in the Raja Maharajas and sports competitions in the army.
The cost of a Marwari horse is very high. A horse is worth more than several lakhs.
Marwari horse is considered to be the most special breed horse in India.
Kathiawadi Horses - Which breed of horses are found in Gujarat, they are very good breed horses. Amreli of Gujarat are found in Junagadh and Rajkot districts. The horse is brown in color and its neck is longer than 145 cm in height. Is also more.
 Kachchi Sindhi Horses - Horses of this breed are much more expensive, they cost between 300000 to 10 lakh Jai horses are also very good at running.
 Horses easily adapt themselves in every season.
 They have the ability to withstand heat.
The Kutchi Sindhi horse breed has been recognized in India as the 7th species.
 The raw Sindhi horse breed is quite different from the breed of Marwari and Kathiawadi horses.
 Horse is a horse of desert areas because it has the ability to mold itself in the areas of the desert, its body is made of itself, which can keep itself alive even in the hottest areas of this breed in India. The horse is also called a wild horse.
Spiti horse - Horses of this breed are usually found in the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the height of this horse is up to 128 cm. Horses of which breed are considered to be the most special and finest in mountainous areas.
Manipuri Pony Horse - Horse of this breed is found in many building buildings colors. It is considered to be a very good horse because Jai is very agile and powerful and it is mostly used for fighting in ancient times and for sports in today's time. Is also done. This horse is also very fast to run.
Bhotia breed - Horses of this breed are mostly found in Darjeeling. Horses are quite adept at running and carrying goods, so they are mostly used mainly for these purposes.
The horse has been a good friend of man since ancient times. Ghoda is a beautiful and loyal animal. The horse is a domesticated and fast-paced animal. Through the medium of this post, we will give some interesting and interesting information about horses, which will never have heard its facts before.

Few points on horse for children

  1. The festival of domesticating the horse is unknown and no specific confirmation has been made about it.
  2.  Some historians believe that the horse was reared for the first time in southern Russia about 7000 years ago.
  3. But some historians believe that Gowda was the first to go to Southeast Asia, and the ancestors first domesticated the properties, which then spread to countries like Asia and Europe, Egypt and America.
  4.  Now the question is that since ancient times, the game brought up as a domesticated animal has been found that at some time the horse was a ferocious animal and was hunted by the people to get its meat.
  5.  Shalihotra which is the first book written on the history of the horse was written by sage sages in the Mahabharata period.

The horse is a practical and wonderful creature. Horses are trained by people as pets. It has 4 legs, wherever the horse lives, it usually lifts one of its legs.

It is found everywhere in the subject, yet it usually prefers to live in a warm area.

Her body is very surprising, due to which she looks lovely in every way. The muscles of the horse are exceptionally solid, due to which it can run at a speed of 80 to 90 kilometers per hour. Thus, in the olden times, only horses were used to fight wars.

Maharana Pratap's horse named Chetak is famous in our country, this horse used to talk to the air in a few seconds. Due to the speed of this horse, Maharana Pratap won many wars.

In the olden days it was believed that whoever has more horses wins the struggle, the explanation being that horses run faster and it is possible to win any conflict because of the faster running.

Horses have been a means of transport since time immemorial, being used by individuals to bring piles, in some places a furrow for the horse was added to the farm. A horse is an extraordinarily tenacious creature like a dog, it follows the voice of its owner.

The life expectancy of a horse is about 25 to 30 years, although a horse named Old Billy lived much longer in the nineteenth century. More than 160 types of horses are detected everywhere in the world. The best breed of horse is the Arabian horse.

Horses are found in many tones like dark brown, white, blue and so on. Horse has two eyes which are very big, it has 2 ears so that it can hear even the smallest sound. The horse constantly breathes through the nose.

The horse has a somewhat long neck as well as large hairs on the back of the neck, due to which it has a noticeable wavy around its back whenever it runs and it looks amazing. Horses have a long tail, which is covered with voluminous hair. The hair of a horse is much more ground than that of other creatures.

In many places, horse manure is used as excrement in farms. Its way of running is completely different from all other living beings. Its height is 5 to 6 feet. Horses have 40 teeth in their mouth. It usually likes to be in a crowd and also likes to be near such people.

Different names are given to a horse in each dialect, for example, in the English language a horse is called 'horse' and a horse is called 'horse' while a young horse is called 'earling' and a young horse. Called 'Philly'. The lower part of the horse's legs is hard, which is also called Khurr in Hindi language.

These days, horses are used to carry passengers and as the road is built around, iron bars are installed to protect the horse's feet from falling. So far, horse racing rivalry is similarly coordinated.

These days people like to raise horses for horse riding. Keeping a horse is the most expensive. In our country India, a parade is taken out by making the lucky person sit in marriage using a horse.

In India, sitting on a horse is considered a matter of pride. On the advent of Republic Day, in India, some stunts are performed by the officials on horseback and a convoy is taken out.

The foal stays on its feet for some time after birth, this shows how amazing the horse is. The horse likes to eat green grass in food, just as it eats gram with great intensity. There is a lot of protein in gram, due to which the horse takes it so quickly to eat it.

The core of a horse is very large, due to which its heart pumps more blood to the body and the horse can run for long periods without any weakness.

The horse adjusts to the conditions, it can walk on a clean road, it can climb any mountain effectively and it can tolerate more cold and more heat. It effectively crosses even the small hole between the two mountains by jumping. Along these lines, the horse is also said to have a precise life.

Horses are also used to play the popular sport polo. Till now the number of horses in the whole world is more than 60 million.

Horse is seen as an image of force in Hindu civilization, so Ashwamedha Yagyas are performed in our country as well. In olden times, horses were used by shippers to sell goods and were also used by lords and hadids to transmit messages.

Many countries including India also use horses in the army.


 The importance of the horse was as much as it is today. So far, there have been changes in the techniques of using the horse, it is prevalent


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