11 may history

11 may history - On the 11th of May in the history pages, many incidents are involved, in which many declarations of India's nuclear tests are included.
1784 Treaty between the British and Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore.

1814 Americans defeated the British in Battle of Platebg.

1951 President Rajendra Prasad inaugurated the newly built Somnath Temple.

1955 Israel attacked Gaza.

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In 1956, the Gold Coast was announced to be liberated from British rule. The Gold Coast, which we know today as Ghana, the UK government had fined the date of March 6, 1957 for its independence.

1965 deaths in cyclonic storm in Bangladesh

At least 52 people were killed in the fire in a match at a Bradford City football stadium in Britain in 1985 and many were wounded.
On the day of 1998, the Government of India had announced successful completion of several underground nuclear tests.

According to the 2000 population clock, India's population reached one billion.


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