Dog facts and information (10 funny facts about dogs)

Dog facts and information

Dog facts

- Dogs are the most pets found in the world. The dog is considered as the most loyal animal among all the animals in the world. That's why friends have come with some interesting things about dogs that you must know.

1. The ability to hear the dog is five times more than the human.

2. America has the highest number of dogs compared to the world.

3. The dog comes sweat only through the nose and feet.

4. Many species of dogs are found, some dogs are as large as the size of a goat.

5. Dogs can float well in water.

6. Human blood is of four types, it is of 13 dogs.

7. The dog has also been sent to space.

8. The world's oldest dog was dead at the age of 29.

9. The DNA of the dog was 99 percent similar to the wound.

10. Dogs can extract 10 different types of sounds.

11. By eating chocolate, a dog can get sick and even his death can happen.

12. Dogs are left right like humans.

13. Keeping dog in Iceland is against law.

14. The dog is known to be the first person to come to earthquake.

15. The fetus of a bitch is 60 to 65 days.

16. Since ancient times, the dog has been a friend of the man.

17. A common dog age ranges from 10 to 15 years.

18. There are approximately 42 teeth of the dog.

19. Dogs have 319 bones.

20. A dog has four claws.

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