May 13 history (what happened - on this day)

may 13 history

May 13 history - In the history of May 13, several incidents took place in the country and the world, including the completion of the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi and the selection of Miss Universe to Lara Dutta.
In 1643 Chile's catastrophic earthquake ended one-third of the population of Santiago.

1648 Construction of the Red Fort was completed in Delhi.

1830 Establishment of the Republic of Ecuador, Juan Jose Florence became the first President.

1905 Birth of President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

The first Parliament session of 1952 Independent India started.

1958 Jordan and Iraq established the Arab Federation.

1962 Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan became the second President of the country.

1978 India's first flag carrier INS Delhi has been retired.

1989 About 2000 students in China started a hunger strike at Thian An Man Chowk.

1998 India conducted two nuclear tests in Pokhran.

2000 Lara Dutta Miss Universe was selected by India

2001 RK Narayan, one of the greatest names in Indian literature, died today.

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