My pet dog essay for nursery

My pet dog essay for nursery - The name of my pet dog is Tommy. It carries the lookout for my home during the day. It seems to be barking high-tech, seeing an unknown person coming inside the house. It gets scared as soon as it hurts.

My Tommy is brown, it's a good breed dog. This dog has the power and agility of the mighty. It also eats milk, rice, and bread. I take full care of my dog in When it gets sick then I take it to the doctor. When Tommy was a little then my father had bought it.

I take my Tommy on a daily basis in the evening. I take it to the park near my home in the park where it bounces, jumps and sniffs things on the way. Tommy is a clean choice animal, it always likes to be clean and tidy. Tommy is my friend. In and all members of my family love it a lot.

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