Few lines about elephant | 10 sentences on elephants | short essay on elephant

Few lines about elephant | 10 sentences on elephants

Few lines about elephant

1. Elephant is the heaviest animal on earth.

2. Its skin is very hard.

3. Elephant color is gray.

4. It is an animal living in forests.

5. It has a small tail.

6. The elephant takes heavy weight from his trunk.

7. Its trunk has two large teeth on either side.

8. Elephant is a vegan animal that eats tree leaves and fruit etc.

9. Elephants like to eat everyday.

10. It lasts 80 to 100 years.

Elephant is the heaviest animal found on earth. It has a long trunk, with the help of which he takes food and puts it in the mouth, besides he can also do heavy work like lifting wood from his trunk. The body of an elephant is of a huge kind, therefore it is the heaviest animal in the world.

10 Lines on Elephant for students 

1. When the elephant gets angry, it creates great destruction in the forests, it crushes small tree plants with its trunk and feet.

2. Elephants have large ears which protect them from strong heat and sunlight. The elephant reared is called Mahavat. When the elephant becomes angry, it does not even obey its Mahavat.

3. Elephant is also considered to be the most powerful animal on the earth, hence its name comes from among the largest animals. Elephant has always been a useful animal for humans. Elephant color is gray colored and its legs are very big and strong. Its legs are made like huge pillars.

4. Its two big ears act like wings, if compared to the body, the eyes of the elephant are very small but the trunk of the elephant is very long.

5. Its tail is so short that it can easily lift even the heaviest thing with its trunk. They have large white teeth on either side of the trunk.

6. Elephant's main diet is tree twigs, green leaves, wild fruits etc. Apart from this, elephants also eat bananas, sugarcane etc. Elephant is a vegetarian wild animal.

7. In the olden days, it was used by the king in elephants, often at that time the king rode on the elephant and went out to battle.

8. The larger the body of an elephant, the longer its lifespan, the longer its life can be more than 100 years.

9. When the elephant dies, its body is very useful because after its death, its teeth are used to prepare many medicines and ornaments.

10. Elephant is normally an animal living in the forest, however it can still be domesticated. The height of an elephant is about 8 to 9 feet. Elephant has legs like big pillars.

Few points on Elephant for kids 
  • Elephant is a giant animal found in the forest.
  • It is a vegetarian animal.
  • The elephant has a long trunk, with the help of which he feeds and drinks water.
  • The elephant's ability to see is slightly less.
  • But their smell is very high, they can smell the dirt of water 3 times.
  • They can be seen mostly in the herd. Their herd is led by a female elephant.
  • The elephant has two large teeth that protrude to the outside.
  • The color of the elephant's body is gray.
  • He cannot jump because of his body being huge.
  • Elephant's tail is very short.
  • It is a quiet animal, but if it gets angry then it creates a lot of havoc.
  • African elephants are larger than elephants in Asia.
  • The lifespan of an elephant ranges from 80 to 100 years.
  • A female elephant has a gestation period of 22 months.

10 Lines on Elephant -1

1. Elephants cannot tolerate much heat and sunlight. That is why these can often be seen taking a bath, they spend most of their day in the bath, often you have seen elephants bathing in mud.
2. Elephants stand and eat the branches and leaves of the highest tree with the help of their trunk.
3. Two species of elephants are found throughout the world, one is African elephant and the other is Asian elephant. African elephants are larger than Asian elephants.
4. African elephants have very large ears and their body size is also larger than Asian hands. These elephants are found mostly in the countries of Africa.
5. Elephant's trunk is very strong and elastic.
6. African elephants are slightly darker in gray while Asian elephants are lighter gray in color.
7. Elephants are commonly found in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Thailand. Elephant likes to live in water very much, so they are also good swimmers.
8. Elephants walk in the forests throughout the day to meet their food needs, these trees mostly depend on plants.
9. Due to lack of food due to over-harvesting of forests, elephants mostly turn to villages or urban areas.
10. Elephant is an intelligent animal because it has the ability to learn anything very quickly.

10 Lines on Elephant - 2

1. Elephants can easily carry the heavy weight of wood in their trunk and move it from one place to another.
2. Elephant's anger is very terrible because it can destroy people with anger and destroy the lives of people.
3. Elephant's skin is thick and dark gray. The four legs of an elephant are very strong.
4. Thailand is a country where white colored elephants are found. These elephants are quite rare. Their long and elastic trunk helps to lift heavy to heavy weights.
5. Many kinds of items are made from elephant bones and its teeth like kangi, handles, bangles and fancy things are prepared, besides many kinds of medicines are also made.
6. It is not an easy task to raise an elephant as a domestic animal because it costs a lot to raise it, due to which it is not an ordinary person's job to raise an elephant.
7. An elephant is an animal of calm nature, but it becomes very angry on teasing and disturbing it, which causes a lot of destruction as far as it can even kill people.
8. On the other hand, a calm-tempered elephant obeys the orders of its owner. An elephant is an animal living in the jungles. It is an animal that the lion also fears. The lion can never hunt the elephant, so the lion distances itself from seeing the elephant.
9. An elephant eats up to 180 kg of food in a day and can drink about 110 liters of water.
10. Despite the elephant's skin being up to 2 inches thick, it is still a very sensitive animal. The elephant's hearing power is also very strong. It can hear each other's voice from a distance of 5 miles.

10 Lines on Elephant - 3

1. The weight of an elephant can be up to 5000 kg i.e. an elephant weighs 12000 pounds.
2. Apart from this, the height of elephant is about 10 feet. The elephant has two outer, long and large teeth, in addition there are 24 teeth in its mouth. The gestation time of a female elephant is about 22 months. The female elephant conceives once in 4 years and gives birth to only one child at a time.
3. The baby elephant stays with his mother for about 1 year. The mother takes full care of her child. Elephants spend most of their day eating food.
4. The baby weighs about 120 kg at birth.
5. Due to deforestation of forests and increasing pollution, the habitat of elephants is becoming limited, due to which the number of these is being reduced considerably.
6. Elephants are hunted on a large scale due to which it has reached the verge of extinction, although elephant hunting has been banned by the government, yet it is hunted stealthily.
7. Therefore today they are in dire need to save the forests and by stopping their hunting, their number can be increased.
8. Elephant is the largest living organism on earth. Two species of these are found.
9. One African second Asian elephant African elephants are found in the territories of Africa. The African elephant always likes to live in herds.
10. Asian elephants i.e. Indian elephants are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand and some parts of China besides India.

10 Lines on Elephants - 4

1. Most elephants prefer to live in a group. There are about 6 to 8 elephants in a group. Male elephants leave the group as soon as they become adults.
2. They start living alone. But sometimes small herds of small elephants form a new herd, which can range from 20 to 30.
3. Elephants always walk in herds, then females move onwards followed by children and finally males with large teeth.
4. When there is a shortage of water on hot days, large groups of peers break into small groups.
5. Elephant's body color is gray or dark brown. The elephant has very little hair on its body, its skin is very thick.
6. The most important part of elephant is its trunk, because it performs all its functions with the help of its trunk such as feeding food to the mouth and bathing etc.
7. It picks up and smells things with the help of its trunk. Elephant can fill about 8 to 14 liters of water in its long trunk.
8. Its trunk weighs from 120 kg to 145 grams. The elephant loves his trunk, the elephant puts his trunk in his mouth at bedtime or keeps it on top of his companion.
9. Elephant's vision is normal but its smelling power is very fast. An elephant is such a creature that can complete its sleep while standing, besides this creature also falls asleep on the ground.
10. By the way, the elephant sleeps very little on the ground because in the forest there is often a risk of violent animals like lions, tigers.

10 Lines on Elephant - 5

1. Elephant is a completely vegetarian animal whose main food is tree leaves, fruit flowers and various types of wild vegetation.
2. The herd of elephants often migrate from one place to another, sometimes they go quite a kilometer away from their place and after a long time then return back to the same place.
3. Elephants spend most of the day eating only in 1 day, they spend about 15 to 16 hours in food.
4. Elephant drinks about 100 liters to 120 liters of water in a day, it is also a good swimmer and also bathes daily. Elephant likes to float and swim in water.
5. The intercourse and breeding period of elephant is very interesting, its intercourse period starts from about March and lasts till May.
6. These days, both males and females together perform different pastimes for several days.
7. Sometimes there is a fight between two male elephants over the female. This fight is very terrible. In this fight, in the end, an elephant is killed or they leave the fight and the winner elephant intercourse with the female. .
8. The gestation time of a female elephant ranges from 515 days to 760 days, that is, the time is about 22 months. After breeding, the female gives birth to a child.
9. The newborn baby is about 90 centimeters high and its hymn ranges from 100 kg to 110 kg. After a few hours of birth, the child starts drinking its mother's milk and starts moving slowly.
10. The little baby elephant keeps drinking its mother's milk for about 2 to 3 years. Elephant teeth are very valuable, due to which it is hunted heavily in India as well as in Africa.

Summary: This is the reason why this huge animal, called the pride of the forests, now has only a few thousand left. The decreasing number of elephants is a sensitive matter, the Government of India is not paying any special attention to this, due to which their number is constantly decreasing, there is no possibility of its extinction in future.

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