Short essay on house | few lines on my house

Short essay on house | few lines on my house

There is no such beautiful place as the house, it is the most beautiful place in the world. Every person has an attachment attached to the house. That's why the house becomes small and everyone loves their home very much. That's why the house is a symbol of love, care, and a sense of well-being towards each other

My house is very beautiful. This was made by my grandfather. All live in my house with great love. There is a beautiful little garden outside my house. Beautiful garden and green grass are in this garden; apart from this, fruit trees are also engaged in this garden, such as guava tree and mango tree. On the garden side we also grow vegetables.

There are many rooms in our house; All rooms are open and airy. One of these rooms is also a worship house and there is also a small library. My grandfather has kept very beautiful and beautiful books in this library for our reading.

I and my brother are both living in a room and I keep their room clean and also do the cleaning of it. If I ever have to go away from my house then I miss a lot of my house. That's why I am very dear to my house. I think this is the second name of heaven.


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