Few lines on Birds (short essay on bird) sentences

Few lines on Birds - 

1. Birds are flying creatures in the sky.

2. The birds' wings help them to fly, it is light and colorful.

3. There are some birds that fly very high in the sky, but there are some who fly only a few distances in the sky.

4. Many species of birds are found throughout the world.

5. Almost all kinds of birds give eggs, some small birds give big eggs.
Few lines on Birds

6. The birds keep their nights on the trees.

7. There are some birds that can be domesticated such as parrot, cock, pigeon etc.

8. The eagle bird is called the King of the birds. Because their eyesight is very sharp and it only prefers to hunt in the moment.

9. Birds are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, such as crow, eagle etc. eat both meat and bread.

10. The main diet of most birds is cereal, grain, fruit etc.

11. There are some birds that live in water such as heron, swan, stork and penguins etc.

12. While living in water aquatic birds feed their stomachs by eating small and fat insects and fishes.
Few lines on Birds

13. The ostrich is the largest bird on earth.

14. Ostrich is also a bird which can not fly and its egg is also bigger than the eggs of other birds.
Few lines on Birds

15. Peacock is such a bird that dances in the rain and it also has the pride of being India's national bird.

16. Peacock feathers are colorful.
Few lines on Birds

17. Various species of birds have disappeared due to changes in the continuous environment and the cause of poaching and some species have reached the brink of ending.

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