Few lines on clouds (10 sentences)

Few lines on clouds

Few lines on clouds (10 sentences)

1. The clouds are in many colors, white clouds, brown and dark clouds.

2. Clouds are made up of light and light particles of snow.

3. Clouds are mainly of four types like Cirrus Cloud, Cumulus Cloud, Stratus  Cloud and Nimbo Stratus Cloud

4. The water of rivers, ponds, seas and lakes turns into a steam from the sun's heat.

5. Cirrus clouds are very high in the sky, which are completely white.

6. Cumulus clouds are much lower than the skies in the sky.

7. Cumulus clouds appear like cotton stacks.

8. Stratus clouds are very low in the sky, they look like mist.

9. Nimbo Stratus Cloud also has a lot of work height in the sky.

10. These clouds are made up of small water droplets.

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