Few lines on domestic animals

Few lines on domestic animals

1. Man has been maintaining some animals since ancient times.

2. The animals that he cares are called pets.

3. Pets are mostly vegetarian, they eat grass, fodder etc.

4. Pet like cow, buffalo, horse, goat, sheep, camel, dog, mule etc.

5. Most of these animals are being fed to obtain milk such as cow, buffalo, goat, camel.

6. Used for carrying bulls in the field and donkey mule etc to carry weight.

7. The horse is drawn to pull the copper and ride and besides it is considered a specially useful ride of camel desert region.

8. Animals such as sheep or yak are being cultivated to get them valuable.

9. Besides this, we get milk from buffalo and cow goat etc. We also get cow dung which is considered to be good for crops which makes the soil fertile. Some people dry up the dung and form their fires Burn in

10. The dog is a loyal animal so people keep it in their home to protect and because of its snuffing power, it also helps the police. It always loves their boss.

That's why these pets are very useful to us and it has become an essential part of our lives.

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