Few lines on rain (10 sentences)

Few lines on rain (10 sentences)

  1. Rainy season is very cool season.
  2. Rainy season is commonly comes in month June and July
  3. Heavy rain can be dangerous may comes floods
  4. Rainbow is seen in rainy days after rainy rainbow appears in the sky.
  5. Due to the sudden change in humidity and weather in the rainy season, cases of colds,
  6. cough, fever and flu problems are increasing.
  7. Rain gives water to the thirsty who gives peace and happiness to the world
  8. In the rain, on the edges of ponds and lakes, frogs begin to tread
  9. In the rainy days, greenery starts fluttering everywhere
  10. Clouds constantly change their color and size in the sky.

few lines on rain

10 sentences about rains

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