few lines about fish | 10 sentences on fishes

Few lines about fish | 10 sentences on fishes

few lines about fish

  1. The world's largest fish - the largest fish in Australia, was found in Australia.

2.  A species of fish species is also something that can be damaged by human touch.

3. Shark Fish is the only fish that lives in the ocean The creature can hunt. Fish is a creature that can know the taste of something by touching its body.

4. Shark Fish is one of the biggest and terrible fish in the ocean, this fish consumes 12 to 15 people every year, but every time hundreds of thousands of sharks are killed by humans.

5. The jaw is attached to the fish's skull due to which the fish swings through their jaws.

6. The fish whose feathers are thin, you can grow faster in the sea. Some such fish also are found which can fly, it can fly in the ocean at some distance of a few meters.

7. Fish is a beautiful creature found in the ocean, which is also called Queen of Water.

8. Thousands of fish are found in the samples, which differ greatly from each other in terms of their color behavior and food.

9. The main diet of the fish is the stomach recruitment by eating insects, frogs, snakes and tortoises found in the ocean.

10. Fish are cold-blooded creatures, which means that the changes in the temperature of their internal body are in the form of changes around the temperature.

11. The biggest fish is the whale fish, which can be shaped like a large ship. All the creatures found in the ocean are afraid of it because it is such a fish that prey on all creatures. The fish first lay eggs then the children get out of them, but some fish give birth directly to the children.

In India, fisheries farming is done extensively because there are some areas in India where people like to eat more fish, hence, the business of fisheries is very large in India. The small fish found in the sea becomes a victim of big fish, apart from this, both of these small and big fish are hunted by humans.

Few sentences on Fish - 2

1. Fish is a living creature in water.

2. The fish cannot breathe out of the water, so if it is thrown out of the water, it dies.

3. Fish are cold blooded creatures.

4. There are more than 25000 species of fish worldwide.

5. Fish breathe through gills, due to which they can live in water.

6. The Amazon river has the highest number of fish.

7. Fish are found on the earth even before the time of dinosaurs.

8. Fish can die in dirty water.

9. Fish gets some trouble while eating food because it does not reach enough water in its gills.

10. Shark fish is the world's largest fish.


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