Few lines on Holi -10 sentences about Holi festival

Few lines on Holi

Few lines on Holi -10 sentences about Holi festival

  • Holi is the festival of colors.

  • Holi is also known as Holika Pujan, Holikadahan and Dhuledi.

  • Holi is performed a day before Holi.

  • After the Holika combustion, there is a Holi of colors which is also called Duledi

  • On the day of Holi, all people paint each other.

  • Little kids throw color on water gun  and dungeons and throw them on the other side.

  • People throw colors on one another this day.

  • This festival is known as colors of festival.

  • This festival comes in the month of March.

  • Holi celebrates on Phalgun on a full moon.

  • Demon King Hiranyakashyap hard and bad thinking effort to make his son Prahalad worship him instead of Lord Vishnu.

Short paragraph on Holi


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