Paragraph on Fish

Paragraph on Fish

Fish is the queen of water, life is its water. "You must have heard it many times but this is true because the fish is the queen of water, which means that most of the fish is found in the oceans, because of which it is said that the queen is without water So if it is thrown out of the water then which dies after a while because the body of the fish does not stay on the ground, it can not breathe on the ground. Expertise because it takes the breath by dolphin . Let's help them to breathe.

Paragraph on Fish
Species - 30,000 species of fish have been treated throughout the world; some of these species are also those which scientists have not been able to properly address. Dolphin fish is such a fish that can listen to any tune at even 25 to 30 kilometers below the water. The power of hearing is very strong. The shark fish keeps moving in water while sleeping and while relaxing. What is the blue whale fish that can live for several months without eating anything?

There is some such system found on fish body which helps them taste tastes. There are also species of fish that can live out of water for some time, due to which they both have lungs and gills, and they can stay alive even outside of water for some time. Gaura fish in the ocean comes in such a fish that floats absolutely directly, but Katie does not float.

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