Short essay on Indian Farmer 300 words

Short essay on Indian Farmer 300 words

Short essay on Indian Farmer

India is an agriculture oriented country and where the farmer is the backbone of the nation, an Indian farmer lays his body in the fields like a  seeker in the summer or rain. The farm itself is the temple Masjid, Gurudwara but it is an Indian farmer that the miserable condition is inexplicable. He has become a victim of poverty, illiteracy, backwardness etc. Landless is also the government which is opening the Agricultural School, making canals, arranging the best seeds and fertilizers is distributing asylum from the banks but the Indian farmer is being seen with great interest, the government employee is fully prepared to participate in government schemes to farmers Are not taking initiative to become.

• Now India has been liberated. The Indian farmer will not tell the life of a beggar, it will lead a prosperous civilian life like a farmer of Japan Japan Holland. Farmers who sweat in the fields will also be in the air-conditioned rooms like the rich citizens because they are the backbone of Indian society and its development is the development of India. Only the future of the Indian farmer depends on the future of the country, so we have to take a paradise in the village. And the Indian farmers will have to feed the flowers of the smiles on the dry lips. Farmers going to the grains of grains are great servants of humanity and their importance And more than any other part of society.

• Nutrition and reservation both for life are essential in the same way; Process of nutrition; Bharat continuation of the end of the ocean; It is not always seen; Reservation is like a tide which shows that the nation receives nutrition from the farmers and the soldiers When the matter was dealt with, it was felt that the slogan was made by Jai Jawan Jay Kisan.

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