Dussehra Festival essay in English (few lines on Dussehra )

Dussehra Festival essay in English

Vijay Dashami (Dussehra). Dussehra is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. The second word is derived from Dussehra. Maryada Purushottam Ram killed 10 heads of Ravana on this day to protect justice, religion and truth. That is why this day is called Dussehra and in memory of this festival, Ashwini month is celebrated every year as Vijay Dashami. It symbolizes the victory of justice over injustice and victory of religion.

In India, ten days before Dussehra (in Navratras), Sri Rama performed an amazing performance of Leela. On this day, a battle was fought between Shri Rama and Ravana in which Ravana was killed and Sri Rama won. Eventually Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Mahanad went under fireworks. On this day many big fairs are held all over India. Children, old and all, wear new clothes and enjoy these fairs.

People of Bengal offer prayers to Goddess Durga on this day. There, Mahishasur Mardini Kalika is worshiped for nine days in Navratri. On Vijay Dashami, the idol of Ma Durga is immersed in the river or the sea. Many devotees keep fast for nine days.

This day is considered auspicious for many works. In ancient times the means of transport were not accessible. Therefore, traders, travelers, sages and soldiers used to start their journey on this day as a person. Marathas and Rajpat used to attack the enemy on this day. The warriors used to worship their weapons and horses, Hindu women cleaning the house on this day, after worshiping Dussehra, hang 'norats' in their brothers' ears, which is a symbol of affection in brother's sister.

Lord Buddha was born on this day, due to which the importance of this festival increases even more.
Dussehra expresses a new spirit, new life and new enthusiasm in Indian society. The only lesson we get from this festival is that there is always victory of truth and defeat of untruth. That is, to endure injustice and tyranny is great weakness, impotence and sin. This festival has always been helpful in the upliftment of the nation and the progress of society.


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