Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English

Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English (350 words)

Defense is a great and sacred festival of our country. Hindus celebrate it with great devotion. This festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Shravan with great enthusiasm throughout the country. This festival is called by many names throughout the nation. Mostly it is known by the names "Shravani, Rakhi and Saloon etc.

This symbol of siblings' sacred affection is a great festival in itself. On this day all the sisters tie tilak to their brothers and tie rakhi on their wrists. In lieu of tying rakhi to their sisters, they give money and other gifts according to their ability. On this day, the sisters wish for the long life of their brothers and also E promise to protect their sisters.

Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English On the occasion of this festival, different types of dishes were prepared in each household. Go. All children, women and men wear new clothes. On this day, religious people bathe in the rivers, then perform the yajna and wear the new yagyopaveet. Brahmins also tie rakhi and thread in the hands of their priests and pray for their longevity and receive Dakshina from them.

This festival also has its own historical significance. It is said that when Sultan Bahadur Shah surrounded Chittorgarh from all four sides, Queen Karmavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to Humayun for his protection.

Then Humayun, tied in the thread of Rakhi, forgot his hatred and ran to protect the Queen. In this way, this festival giving the message of love, sacrifice and purity is completed with great joy. On this festival, the sacred practice of tying in Kalai by collecting sister's love and good wishes in the threads of protection has been going on in this country for ages.

Nowadays this festival of Raksha Bandhan also seems to be beaten by a streak like all other festivals. That is, now it has become more than just a tradition and a formality. Its real importance has often disappeared.


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