Short essay on Independence day in English

Short essay on Independence day in English

Independence Day (15 August) 15 August is a national festival of India. The day of August 15, 1947 has been written in the history of India with golden letters. On this auspicious day, our country was independent of hundreds of years of English subjugation. Since then crores of citizens of India celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm as 'Independence Day'. On this occasion, all schools, offices, factories, institutes and markets are closed. Every year on this day, the Prime Minister hoists the national flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi, the capital of India, and sends messages to the countrymen. The national flag is given a 21-gun salute, followed by the national anthem.

Short essay on Independence day in English

This day, symbol of freedom and prosperity, is celebrated with great pomp in every corner of India. On the morning of 15 August, the national level leaders pay homage to the national leaders and freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi etc. by visiting the samadhi of Rajghat first. Then, in front of the Red Fort, observe the parade of the three army members (air, water and land forces) and other forces and salute them.

On 15 August, the national flag is hoisted at all government offices and all people hoist the national flag at their homes and shops. On this day, electric lighting is done at night in government offices and many special places. Due to its beauty, the capital of India, Delhi, looks like a new bride. In all schools and colleges, this festival is celebrated a day earlier i.e. on 14 August. On this day sweets are distributed to children in schools.

August 15 is the festival of India's pride and good fortune. This festival brings new energy, new hope, enthusiasm and patriotism in the hearts of all of us. This Independence Day reminds us that the freedom we have gained by giving so many sacrifices, we have to protect at all costs. Even if we have to sacrifice our lives for that. Thus, by celebrating this national festival with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we pledge to protect the freedom and universality of the nation.

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