Short essay on Teacher's day

Short essay on Teacher's day for students and children, kids

A teacher or teacher is a person who works to teach others by teaching and writing. India has always been a country of teachers and teachers, in this country, respect for teachers and teachers has always been very high, which is often negligible nowadays. Nowadays in India also other countries of the world.

Short essay on Teacher's dayEqual education has become a kind of occupation. This situation is not commendable. The importance of the teacher should be understood; The teacher should not consider education as a business and consider it a sacred work or duty; Whether he can get the teacher's lost honor again or be given that honor - the feeling behind celebrating Teacher's Day.

The connection of celebrating Teachers' Day was linked with the birthday of His Excellency Sarvepalli Dr. Radha krishnan, President of the country. That is, since then this day started being celebrated on 5 September every year. The reason behind this was his ideal teacher. He was also a skilled teacher in his life
There are meetings and seminars in all schools on Teacher's Day. Children are given motivation related to respect of teachers. In many schools, on this day only the students are assigned the task of teaching so that they can realize the importance of the teacher's work. Teachers' federations also exchange various ideas to make this day permanent, in keeping with the pride of the teachers. Many provincial and national level conferences are also held.

On this day, teachers setting high standards at the provincial and national level are also rewarded. Now politics is becoming involved in the election of teachers. This is a matter of blasphemy. The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to give due respect to the teacher who is said to be the creator of the nation. To be given If we celebrate this day with a sincere mind, simplicity and political-neutrality, then we can revive the traditional guru-disciple tradition of India all the way.

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